Our mission is to empower health sector using easy- to-use cross-sectoral welfare technology.

The company is driven by the will to make a difference through the use of knowledge, tools and experience gathered in many years of concrete experience in the field.

We have the opportunity to draw on a large network of qualified partners to create integrated, coherent solutions that support patient empowerment.


Our team comprises of experienced healthcare professionals, software architects, domain experts and a UX team who work together with doctors and patients in India to develop, maintain, and improve our platform.

Our software developers, testers and designers work tirelessly to ensure that the platform is user-friendly, reliable, and secure for both clinicians and patients. 


 Health Tech

 AI and Big Data

 Clinical experience

 Data analytics


KHUSHBOO VERMA, Domain expert

Founder, CEO at vCare Denmark ApS 

MBA, B.Tech., 19 years of experience in the USA, UK and DK with EHR systems, Telemedicine, patient empowerment and elderly care systems.

AMAN JHA, Technology,data expert

Co-founder, CTO

More than 19 years of IT experience in Leading business transformations, architecting and developing scalable business solutions with data in focus. 

DR. CHRISTIAN BUDTZ, Clinical expert

CMO, Chief Clinical Officer

MD, B.Eng., Asst. Professor in health-technology in Technical University of Denmark. 5 years of experience as a doctor, from both private practice and secondary health care. 

TORBEN DAMGAARD, Business expert

Funding and investment

M.Sc. Strategy, Business development, Funding and investment expert. sustainability and social impact.

Our Advisory Board

Our story

Our company was founded with a clear mission in mind: to enable holistic healthcare for patients with chronic diseases. We recognized that traditional healthcare models often fall short when it comes to meeting the needs of patients with chronic illnesses, who require ongoing and personalized care.

To address this challenge, we started building a digital solution that connects doctors, patients, their other healthcare professionals, and family members on a single platform. With our platform, everyone involved in a patient's care can access their journey from different angles simultaneously, which allows for better communication, coordination, and collaboration. This approach results in more effective and efficient care for patients, and ultimately better outcomes.

But our mission goes beyond just providing better healthcare. We also believe in using technology to empower those who lack access to quality healthcare, particularly women in remote rural areas of India. To that end, we have established partnerships with local healthcare providers in India and are working on implementing tech solutions that will provide better access to healthcare for women in those areas.

As an Indian immigrant living abroad, our founder understands the struggles of navigating the healthcare system in a developing country. With an aging generation back home, she saw the need for scalable solutions to assist with the overcrowded healthcare system in India. Coming from a small town in India near Varanasi and having lived and worked in Healthcare areas in the USA, UK, Finland and Denmark, her personal experiences have been a driving force in the creation of our company.

We are proud of the work we do and the impact we are making in the world. Our team is dedicated to continuing to innovate and provide healthcare solutions that make a meaningful difference in people's lives.

सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः सर्वे सन्तु निरामया
May all be happy, may all be free from diseases

Your team at Cordia

The founder Khushboo Verma is from a small town near Varanasi in India and have been working and living in USA, UK and Denmark. She is settled in Denmark.