Empower your hospital or clinic and enable 360° care using Cordia®

A global patient-centric platform for chronic disease management

Cordia® is a state of the art platform for managing chronic patients and providing elderly care via research based personalized care planning while increasing adherence and clinical outcomes for the patients.

We are driven by the passion to increase the quality of care by using knowledge and insights gathered through decades of experience in the healthcare sector from many countries.



We focus on holistic care of the patients encompassing physical health, mental health, and lifestyle improvements across multiple diagnoses and comorbidities.


We focus on connecting and supporting all involved parties in a patient’s care irrespective of geographical distances.


We focus on reducing the burden on the health care system by distributing care responsibility in society in a well-managed way.


Cordia® connects formal and informal caregivers using technology and makes healthcare scalable beyond hospital walls. Increased awareness about correlations between vitals, lifestyle and disease increases adherence and clinical outcomes.

Patient management system for clinicians – Data driven, AI assisted

App for informal caregivers – increasing awareness, involvement

App for patients – easy to use, intuitive

Cordia® community for patients and Cordia® clinician forum for doctors

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‘’I am part of a user group with vCare Denmark providing them with professional tips and guidance on the

design of Cordia®which has a unique focus to help

concerned Doctors and their patients for

providing proper care, guidance and

treatment to the patients. The platform gives

lots of awareness and a sense of responsibility

to the patients and their families. It also

enables the entire ecosystem to holistically.

I am sure that this is the right use of

innovative technology to cater to the

increasing demand for care without

compromising the quality. At present, I connect with my patients for

remote care using WhatsApp."

Dr. Rajendra Mohan Mathur

General Physician, Delhi

48 years of experience in chronic patient care

+91 93133 48791

‘’I am part of the advisory board in vCare Denmark.

The vast experience with Health tech project implementations

helps vCare Denmark not only develop a platform but also

implement it in the right fashion. Their commitment to customers

makes it easy to succeed with their projects. The best thing for the hospitals is

that Cordia® integrates their eco-system and can be scaled to multiple

healthcare services."

Lone Halgreen

Program manager for National Telemedicine in Denmark (Retd.)

Copenhagen, Denmark

‘’I have been part of the User Group

for vCare Denmark's product Cordia®.

I believe the platform will make

life easier for chronic patients

and doctors. The structured data

and care plans make the task of the

clinicians easily manageable without

missing important details. We

will be able to provide the right care to

the right patient at the right time."

Dr. Himanshu Shukla

General Physician, Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh

30 years of clinical practice

+91 94150 84696

‘’I have been helping vCare Denmark with ideation and

concept development for Cordia®. I advocate for patient data owned

by the patient and patient journals driven by the patient. Cordia® makes this happen in a very easy and intuitive way for the patients.

Their focus on co-creating the platform with patients and doctors is unique."

Dr. MD Singh

General physician, Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh

40 years of clinical practice

+91 9415861781