Global Platform, Local Care

Connect All Parties In Care

Cordia® connects doctors, patients, informal caregivers and devices in the eco-system. Patients have the possibility to share data based on consent. Easy integration with devices and interoperability are fundamental driving principles. The eco-system helps the patient to be more aware, motivated and adhere to the care plan – increasing the clinical outcomes.

Patient Management System

Cordia® Patient management system gives doctors an overview in a prioritized manner based on patients’ condition. The doctors effectively take care of patients based on the insights in the system. Cordia® empowers hospitals and clinics to scale beyond geographical constraints and reduces the gap between demand and supply with an increasing number of chronic patients.

Individualised Care Plans

Cordia® enables doctors to assign individualized care plans to patients. The care plan as a service offers the patients continuous remote monitoring. Patients are handheld by Cordia® to follow the plan. The system hereby also creates a simple patient journal driven by patients so that they can see a correlation between vitals, lifestyle factors and their disease.

Data-Driven Decision Support

Cordia® offers the right data at the right time to make the right decision about patient care. The insights generated by the platform assist the clinical professional and avoid the risk and adverse effect of missing crucial information. 

Holistic Care - Biopsychosocial And Spiritual Aspects

Cordia® believes in covering the patient not only on the clinical front but also on psychological, social and spiritual fronts. The ambition is to handhold the patients and their families, engage them positively in the disease, make them informed and aware and increase quality of life through empowerment.

Continuous Remote Monitoring And Preventive Care

Cordia® offers peace of mind to healthcare professionals, patients and relatives by keeping the patients in continuous remote monitoring and offering the assurance of the right care at the right time - both reactive and preventive.

The Process

Step 1

The clinician based on the patient's documentation and test results onboard the patient.

Step 2

The patient gets a personalized care plan assigned and gets access to the Cordia® app.

Step 3

The patient follows the care plan and involves informal caregivers to monitor the disease.

Step 4

The clinician reviews the patient's data and makes adjustments or recommendations as needed.